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Ron Tierno - Bio

I was born and raised in Binghamton, NY. At nine years of age I was given a set of bongo drums,  and thus began my lifelong love affair with drumming and music.

I began studying with a local drummer named Tony Monforte who had just returned from a few years on the road after completing a stint with the U.S. Army band. He was just beginning his career as a teacher and I was one of his first students. It was a well-rounded education that prepared me for my life as a professional. Tony became a legendary teacher in upstate New York, because he knew how to motivate his students, hold their interest and create players who were prepared for any musical situation.

At 16 years of age I became a student/teacher for him. I studied with Tony for a total of  10 years before making  the move  to New York City, where  I continued  my studies  with  one of the  world's most  prolific  authors of drum method books, Sam Ulano. I also  studied with  one the  kings of groove, Bernard Purdie


Life was harsh in the mid-70s in New York City. Gigs at Kenny’s Castaways, and club dates on Long Island kept me going until better opportunities came up. 


I came to New York aspiring to be a studio musician.  An audition for Frankie Valli in 1978 lead to a national tour to support his huge hit single “Grease..”  Numerous 

recordings and jingles followed. But the peak of studio recording was fading quickly.


I began subbing on Broadway in 1980 (‘Barnum’ was my first call).  That was an opening to an area of the music business I wasn’t even aware of until then.  Next came 

subbing on other shows and eventually the first national tour of “Cats” in 1984.  I was hired for the Broadway production in 1989. 


In addition to years of experience and practice, I attribute my long career to perseverance 

and versatility. Now I enjoy every gig I get. And for my students, I pass on the torch….

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