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Ron Tierno - Advanced Instruction

When I first came to New York as a young musician, I thought I knew everything. All I needed was a break, a chance to prove myself. I sought out established older players and drum teachers, seeking that magic bullet or tidbit of advice that would rocket me to stardom. I soon learned there was still plenty of hard work and learning to do. At this level, experience becomes a great teacher. You often hear sports analysts refer to the “rookie mistakes” that a talented freshman athlete is making. A smart young player will learn and make adjustments in their game.  Some players stubbornly refuse the advice of coaches and veterans, and they quietly fade away as another young phenom comes up to steal the spotlight. Young musicians face the same dilemma. Sometimes an advanced student who is gaining experience with higher level players will come to me for advice because he/she knows that I have already been through this, even though my style of music might be totally different from theirs. In addition to building on what they already know, I try to be a trainer and a mentor by offering challenges, concentrating on fine-tuning their talent and  cheering them on when they succeed.

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